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להזמנת חדרים עכשיו

Rothschild St. 49, Mazkeret Batya

Boutique Hotel Lemazkeret

B&B in the center of Israel

Who are we?

The structures of Boutique Hotel "Lemazkeret" are of the oldest in Mazkeret Batya. They were built in 1883 by Dov Yoel Press, a prominent figure and father of one of the 11 families who immigrated to Israel during the First Aliya and founded the colony.


We, the family which renovated and run "Lemazkeret" today, are descendants to the Press family. It's very important to us to preserve the history and environment of the place - along with making sure you will enjoy your stay.

The entrance to rooms 6 and 7
Boutique Hotel Lemazkeret's Courtyard

The Compound:

Our compound includes nine rooms and a large courtyard.


The courtyard is spacious, lush with fruit trees, shaded sitting areas, antique carriages and old agricultural tools from the 19th century.


The hotel accepts reservations for single guests for long periods only.

Rothschild St. 49, Mazkeret Batya

Mobile: +972-543975883

 Phone: +972-775100611

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