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להזמנת חדרים עכשיו

Rothschild St. 49, Mazkeret Batya

Boutique Hotel Lemazkeret

B&B in the center of Israel

Interesting attractions in our area:

Mazkeret Batya is located in the coastal plain area, not far from the Yehuda Mountains region - an ideal place for bike trips and hiking. Other than those options, there are beautiful and fascinating attractions in Mazkeret Batya itself. Here are a few links that may aid you in planning your stay in the area:

Nice Places in Mazkeret Batya:

Mazkeret Batya is a small picturesque village that has managed to successfully maintain its rustic and nostalgic atmosphere. Take some time to wander the village's streets and admire the lovely view, which includes locations such as The Large Synagogue, The Antilla Well, the old cemetary and many more. For additional details about Mazkeret Batya, feel free to enter its home site.


As guests of Boutique Hotel "Lemazkeret", you'll be able to enjoy a major discount for an olympic pool and sport facilities that are located 50 meters from our rooms. We also offer variety of body treatments from professional personnel. who arrive to our compound - for an extra fee. Contact us for more details.


It's worth noting that Mazkeret Batya is located within 5 minutes driving distance to Kaplan Hospital, 15 minutes from Weizmann Institute and 20 minutes from Ben Gurion Airport.


More general details about local attractions in the province we're located in, Yoav-Yehuda, could be found here.

Rothschild St. 49, Mazkeret Batya

Mobile: +972-543975883

 Phone: +972-775100611

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