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להזמנת חדרים עכשיו

Rothschild St. 49, Mazkeret Batya

Boutique Hotel Lemazkeret

B&B in the center of Israel

Interesting attractions in our area:

Mazkeret Batya is located in the coastal plain area, not far from the Yehuda Mountains region - an ideal place for bike trips and hiking. Other than those options, there are beautiful and fascinating attractions in Mazkeret Batya itself. Here are a few links that may aid you in planning your stay in the area:

  • The "Burma Road" - This famous road was used by the Palmach during the Independance War to liberate Jerusalem. It also happens to be quite beautiful, and suitable for hiking. It's only 15 minutes away from our hotel by car. To get there, leave Mazkeret Batya, turn left on Road 411. Take a left turn in Hulda Junction to Road 3. When you reach Nahshon Junction turn right to Road 44, and in Har'el Junction turn left.


  • Ayalon Canada Park - The park, which resides near the Ayalon Valley, is a great place for hiking. It contains archeological remains and fantastic views. To get there, leave Mazkeret Batya, turn left on Road 411 until you reach Hulda Junction, then turn another left on Road 3. Drive until you reach Latrun Junction, there go straight towards Modi'in, and immediately turn right to the park's entrance.


  • Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park - You really shouldn't miss the "land of thousand caves", which in addition to its remarkable views, also contains interesting remains from the Roman period. To get there, leave Mazkeret Batya, turn left on Road 411 until you reach Hulda Junction, then turn another left on Road 3 and drive it until you reach the Junction of Road 44. Take a right turn there and drive towards Bet Shemesh. Turn right again in Road 38. After about a 20 minutes drive, turn right again to Road 35. The entrance to Bet Govrin will appear to your left shortly afterwards.


  • Our area, the coastal plains and the Judea Mountains, has many more hiking trips options. Feel free to check more of those in "Lametayel" Site - a site with a lot of information about hiking in Israel.

Rothschild St. 49, Mazkeret Batya

Mobile: +972-543975883

 Phone: +972-775100611

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